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SOLJA Condemned the Murder of UNIVERSAL TV Journalist

Hargeysa, October 24, 2012, (Weedhsan) – The  Somaliland journalists Association SOLJA is shocked by the murder of a UNIVERSAL TV  journalist and members of SOLJA BOD  in the

central LAASANOD  town of SOOL  REGION  on TUESDAY EVENING , the First  in a string of attacks against journalists in Somaliland.
The governor of SOOL region  said assailants shot to death UNIVERSAL TV correspondent in the town of  LASANOD of  SOOL  region,  around 10:00pm local time, October 23, 2012. The journalist, identified as
AHMED SAAKIN FARAH ILYAS was shot near his home in LAASANOD. The assailants immediately escaped from the scene, though the town's security forces reportedly chased and killed one of the assailants.
It is not yet clear the reason behind the killing and no group has yet to claim. “We are condemning the killing of Ahmed Sakin and call for urgent Investigation into the killing of journalist which the first took
Place in Somaliland night.” Mohamed -Rashid, SOLJA Secretary General  said, “The targeted killings against the journalists is only meant to silence the voice of the Somaliland  journalists who are giving voice to the voiceless, therefore, We call for the government to investigate the murders against the journalists and bring to an end this culture of impunity on the rise..”
“We send our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues of late Ahmed sakin, who might suffer this tragedy.” Mr. Mohamed Rashid Muhammad Farah.
On 10/23/12, Somaliland Journalist Association SOLJA
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