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Writers to Trace Literature’s Role at Kwani Fest

By Tony Mochama – The 2012 version of the ‘Kwani Literary Festival’ will open tomorrow at the Kifaru Gardens, Nairobi, and go on for a week. This year’s theme for the literary festival is Conversations with the

Horn: Writers and Artistes in Exchange. Some of the expected guests are Somali writer Hadraawi, Sudanese-English novelist Jamal Mahjoub, Eritrean writer Alemsegad Tefsayi, Egyptian activist-author Nawal el Sadaawi, Nigerian Hellon Habila, Ghanian Kojo Laing, as well as other writers and intellectuals from Mozambique, Namibia and Cameroon.
On Monday afternoon at the Goethe Institute on Monrovia Street, after the filming of Nairobi Half Life (whose chief script-writer was Kwani editor Billy Kahora), there will be a panel discussion entitled The Role of the Arts and Literature in Reconstructing society.  In another literary discourse forum Masinde Muliro lecturer Egara Kabaji made a series of accusations against the ‘Kwani? generation’ writers (we have killed creativity and are now very busy celebrating mediocrity!) – and ended with a throw-down “let us now engage in meaningful debates.”
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