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Rejoinder to Safi and Yabarag articles on Wardheernews – By. Prof. Abdi Ali Jama

I have read pieces published recently by two of Wardheernews website contributors. Both of them seem to be deeply hurt by what has happened in Somalia in the last two decades in general and in particular Somaliland

declaration of its independence. Changes that took place in Somalia over the aforementioned period were so dramatic that it virtually affected every individual, family, tribe or group in an adverse manner, but in disparate degrees and intensity.

I am not intending in this small piece to wallow in the mud, the same way Safi and yabarag did. All what I have to say is : As a Somalilander,  although Somalism is not currently as healthy as it once used to be, I am still obliged to  believe in Somalism like Arabs believe in Arabism despite being not united under one government administration.  As a matter of fact, we share ethnicity, religion, language, and everything. When I visit Djibouti, believe me, I feel home, despite Djibouti being an independent state that has nothing to do with Mogadisho and Hargeisa when it comes to statehood. By the way, shall I tell you that some members of my immediate family are Djiboutians by nationality?!!!!

I agree with Safi on saying that some Somalis are like spiders, but I candidly disagree who they are and the attitude she showed towards them. In my view, Somali spiders are not Somaliland of Silanyo, but those who could not find where to take refuge or at least see their towns not tantamount or rather not equivalent to those of other Somalis in importance and strategy, following the collapse of Siad Barre regime and the ensuing mayhem and bloodshed. However, I am not apathy towards them.  In contrast to Safi, I have sympathy for them. Simply because, in this context, they are weaker than other Somalis. Their house is as weak as spider’s. A verse in Suratul-cankabut of holy Quran says : ” verily, spider’s house is the weakest of all the houses”.  We should help the weak, because they are Somalis first and Muslim second.  I know they are desperately now seeking Somali reunion so that they could build their spider house once again on the union. I wish it would be possible. Unfortunately, however, such time seems to have gone for good. The golden time of great Somalia!!!!!! Who is to blame for that? I wonder, even the answer of this very basic question remains controversial between us!!!!!!!

In my perspective, we have many other choices. So we need to think of other alternatives that we have in order to enhance Somali brotherhood and minimize the hatred between us, so that we can move on and work together on myriad mutual interests that would benefit all of us across generations.  This requires sagacious, far-sighted elites, not tribal-minded leaders and writers. We’d better revitalize our cultural, economic and trade relationship, not only between Mogadisho and Hargiesa but together with Djibouti, Jigjiga and Mandhera of Kenya  as well.

Despite the critical moment we are passing through, Somali is Somali.

It is true that Somaliland has been asking the world earnestly for recognition without much progress. However, such recognition is not something existential to Somaliland whereas unionism is something, as implied by Yabarag discourse, existential to you--you can’t do without it. In this regard, Somaliland has already calculated and put its contingency plan, in case of not getting recognition scenario. However, have you done the same as to how your Somali state would look like without Hargiesa?!!!. I put it this way with full candour, because I know Safi and Yabarag-kind of people can hardly imagine Somalia without Hargeisa and Burao let alone Borama, Berbara, Lasanod and Erigavo.  For us, it is a choice; for Yabarag , Safi and the likes, it is life and death matter!!!!!

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