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The baneful dualism is not the end of the World! By: Prof. Abdi A. Jama

Practicing or leading such a life (dualism) is sinister and noxious all across the board—from individual to national level. Tribalism and nationalism are quite disparate; partisan and clannish are also quite distinct. Behaving like

squanderer and avaricious also come against being indigent, destitute post-conflict country. A nation short of erudite scholars, yet not able to tap the few at disposal is bewildering and confusing. A nation whose saving is minuscule, yet did not manage to properly direct the little available into productive domains is also frustrating and distressful.  A country whose people are mainly Muslim-practicing, yet obdurate in such aforementioned blunder is also unfathomable question.

You may wonder how to solve such formidable, full of challenges dualism enigma-s we mentioned above. However, it is natural to have such dichotomy in human life, be it politics, economics and social. That is the reason we have economic, social and political conundrums that always need solution from political scientists, economists, social experts, etc. if there were not any dualism-- where everything is harmonious—we would not resort to political, economic, social and legal disciplines to help us solve the hard choices we face every-day, and hence the world would have been something quite different from the world we live in.

Dualism delineates the relevant delicate aspects of social, political and economic problems that need to be handled and managed in a manner that would give maximum benefit for the majority of the people by keeping all detrimental effects at bay as much as possible.  This would entail the identification and delineating where exactly the public interest does lie amongst given alternatives or options available in particular episode of time. This is the job of policy-makers with the help of academicians in different fields of knowledge.  In this regard, organization of society or nation is the most paramount issue. Leadership is the eminent element in the organization that would not emancipate the feeble-minded people so that they would keep scholars and expertise at arm’s length. Again, it is the leadership that would not give opportunity to selfish, wealth thirsty individuals. It is the leadership that would allocate meager resources of a flat broke country as efficiently as possible. No place for wasting and squandering as well as misallocation.

In order to move forward despite dualism--tribalism against nationalism, partisan against clannish and the likes-- rule of law is the second most important element for ensuring  the harmonization and solidarity of the organized body—the state,  so as not to fall apart amidst adversities that might arise from within or outside the state. For instance, election disputes can only be dealt with independent,  credible judiciary courts.  In this context, state should be based on consensus based constitution that would ramify later on into legislations in every area of life. This would require committed policy makers as well as scholarly expertise in jurisprudence, Economics and political as well as social sciences.

Abdi Ali Jama

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