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Global Dealings among Islam and others – By Hassan Abdi Shire

It was before one thousand four hundred, After send from Allah in  our prophet S.C Mohamed, whereas the world had working in improper way, after well testing for commending  thoughtful case which

was in contradiction of the supremacy of Allah and humankind, for the motive, luck of substantial  winds of Islam from Allah after they away  realism and intricate un dependable magic benefits in the world like Worship  conniving stone called (Sanam) designing to  by the form of person, Allah  out of their fancy bad and it was clear they adjusting criminal cases .
Allah was refer our Prophet with the utmost pressure ever the world, and build the  largest leader in the world  up starting for the first four person believed until to reach whole the world   and really they  was took accurately  way  was proposed our prophet S.C , it had been the wealth    form SKY..
Coming the intention of our matter, Allah stated clearly in everything in the creation. For the slides, of Political and governing, self-building, cultural performance, while the folks sided left, in contradiction, like the Yuhuud and other collectives.
One we came back the relationship amid Islam and others in the world, it is vibrant rendering to the passage of holly Qur’ans says, (Yuhuudn and Nasaara  don’t satisfy until you will faith for their religious and untilled  them for their religious)  Baqarah, 120.
This Passage of Holly Qur’an is talking about  the  international relations among the Islam and others, it  display for us our admission to make attraction for the Society against  of Islam,  it earnings,  you can’t reach the highest  goal until you believe their religious,  clearly you should  misplace the  value from Allah.
In conclusion my networks of Islam we need to shape our worldwide relations through very robust pillars and should do with track of Islam philosophy.
The youth is the only prospective sector  Western  counties can use them, for the purpose of their growing mentality, other side we are the record people can makes inspiration other  parties in the world  with  crying Islamic message  , for concerning to realise and spread the Islamic conceptualism ,
Reflect extensively and you makes sure what is your first importance, Allah Says ( we were not created  Human beings  and Jin  excluding to worship for Allah) this is incomes your  straight assortment  in the world where do you stand  for the side of your life principle , instead of regarding our religious, while other ramming of the life it will  be  exceptional ,  becomes to safe yourself for the cycle of your existence E.g  you can work for the object to earn  wealth  , Allah Side ( don’t overlook the prospect  of your life) it means you should work  and crop of  your regular life , but it must be legal, and out the black side, for the case of illegitimate.
I am endorse you don’t forgot  your tasks in the life  thus,  please  you should fallow what is your chance   in the world and  be care-full  the time is  running , yet  the  life will finished it is answerable days.
It is clear Allah with us and looking deeply  for shaped person his  commitments ,   and the end you will be one of this both  are coming,   whether you become safe from the his banishments or Not
(you become success for the life mandate)  I hope everybody knows the surrounded responsibilities and we are holding the Islam for the right hand.
Hassan Abdi Shire
Master of International Relations and Diplomacy
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